Nemanja Ranic - Ways to help sciatica pain, and pain relief exercises

Nemanja Ranic - exercise for sciatica and how to stop sciatica pain instantly
Hello and welcome!

Glad you found the site and hope that my shared experience will be useful to you.

My name is Nemanja Ranic. I was 27 years when I first experienced lumbar herniated disc symptom a.k.a. sciatica pain.

Today I can gladly tell you I’m doing much better! I’m able to sit, walk, run, do different type of cardio. Without any medications or surgical procedure!

Medical diagnosis took a while. Because of my young age at doctors first assumed it’s a strain muscle causing me pain and not possibly a herniated disk. It can’t be Nemanja, they told me and send me off home with aspirin and similar painkillers. Go home rest, they told me.

At least once a month for a year I visited doctors office and got sent back home. This went o until I finally got to do MRI and THERE IT WAS! Great herniated disc L5-S1, bulging discs and now at least I knew what I had to work on.

Important thing to point out here is that I only started feeling better LAST FEW MONTHS! Why?
Because I finally found how to stop sciatica pain for good! I found different ways to help sciatica pain. Great sciatica pain relief exercises that I want to share here with you.

Sciatica pain and I

What is this then? I would like to share better parts of my experience and try to help other. I know how hard it can be when life turns upside down because of the pain!

Some time it was really difficult. I was taking all kind of strong painkillers to deal with sciatica pain and it only helped me for a short time period. Painkillers also made me addicted what created another problem. Dependency and addiction are not the same thing but they stand close together, both have huge impact on life.

Goal: No sciatica pain, no painkillers!

My goal was to become free of pain, and also leave all sort of painkillers behind me!
I wanted to get my life back and I was ready to fight for it!
Today I have accomplished this goals, and because of it I would like to share my experience.

We will discuss sciatica pain relief exercises. How to stop sciatica pain instantly when it hits you. Lower back pain issues, and different ways to help sciatica pain with exercise!

Please email me or leave a comment if you got any request or questions. I’ll try to replay as soon as I can.

Good luck with your treatment and I hope you too feel better soon!

/Nemanja Ranic