We will talk about pain relief exercises that helped me stop sciatica pain.
Today I’m pain free living a normal life! Until I started doing this exercises for sciatica pain would never go away completely regardless medications.

For years I lived with the pain, until couple months ago when I started doing this exercises. Now I’m doing much better and life joy and hope returned to me again. I get teary-eyed now while writing just by thinking on what I went through and how well I’m doing now.

Before we go further I would like to mention that sciatica pain is a symptom caused by underlying medical condition. In my case sciatica pain is caused by lumbar herniated disc L5-S1.

Sciatica can also be caused by degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis or other medical diagnosis. Regardless diagnosis important thing is to start treatment as soon as possible!

How you reduce or stop sciatica pain depends on how much pain you’re experiencing at the moment.

Listen to the body! If you are having trouble standing upright, walking, or experience pain associated with bowel movements then you need emergency help and medications so please see a doctor!

I am NO medical expert and don’t give diagnosis or treatments. I talk about what worked for me and what helped me get rid of sciatica pain and hope that it will help more people out there.  

So if you seen a medical professional who diagnosed sciatica then you know chiropractor or massage is no option at this point. Medications is to take away the pain and relax the muscles FAST. Afterwards, when the immediate pain has been reduced you may start exercise to reduce and stop sciatica pain from coming back.

Medications wont actually treat the root and cause of sciatica pain so this is only temporary solution. Point is that proper medication will help you and stop sciatica pain instantly, or at least ease the pain enough so you can focus and work to treat the cause of the sciatica pain.

Exercise to stop sciatica pain

1: Decompress the lower back:

You will need a pull up bar. Not to do pulls ups but to hang and strech the back.

Below is practical and price worthy model from two different locations on eBay: I should be selling this instead but I’m not doing this to make money but to inform people and share experience.

eBay: Pull up bar: Item location: MANCHESTER, United Kingdom
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Keep your toes down on the ground! Keeping toes or feet on the ground is very important to be able to drop the pelvis and really decompress the lower back. Please see the images above about decompressing the lower back.

So the point is only to hang comfortably and release that tension.

2: Lumbago, quadratus lumborum stretch

Are you leaning away from the pain, leaning to one side keeping unnatural spine position? If yes lets correct that list with quadratus lumborum stretch.

If you are not experiencing this then move to next step, extension of the lower back.

To correct the list with quadratus lumborum stretch this is what I did and hopefully it will help you too. Keep your feet together and stand parallel to the wall with shoulder against the wall. Feet should be at comfortable distance from the wall and not too far initially. Now you slowly and gently press your trunk towards the wall only as far as you can go while contracting your abs and glutes. Over correcting here is a good thing. See illustrations above for more explanation.

3: Extension of the lower back

For extension of the lower back, I lay down on my front, stretch the legs and and put my feet together. Contract my glutes and abs as much as I can, very important for stabilization. Now I lift chest and extend ONLY as far as I can go while keeping hips on the ground!

You don’t want to lift the hips from the ground because then you’re overextending and you are not extending the lower back anymore. Go only so far you can and just hang on there for approximately 20sec before you lower down. Repeat this 5-10 reps.

Depending on the body anatomy and injured nerve symptoms and sciatica pain can vary between different places.

stop sciatica pain

Image: Nerve pathways and affected areas

For example L5-S1 segment, as I have, is causing me lower back pain.
From there pain moves down through the left glute/buttock and back of the leg through the hamstrings down to very painful hollow of the knee.
Then super painful calf, and down through heel all the way to the big toe.

Really irritating pain I must say. This type of pain usually makes people upset, angry, sad, irritable, impatient and it feels like life has changed to the worst forever.

Good news is that there are exercises that will help you live healthier and hopefully pain free life. Do pain relief exercises and after 20-50 sessions you should feel much better! Worked for me even after only two or couple sessions!

Decompressing lower back will feel immediately better. For long lasting recovery it needs frequent repeating. I remember the first time I did this all emotions got me crying of happiness while hanging there against the wall. I haven’t felt that good for over two years and now I felt much better with this simple exercise.


  • Question: How to stop sciatica pain instantly?
  • Answer: Medications, for short but fast and effective sciatica pain relief.
  • Question: Ways to help sciatica pain?
  • Answer: In long run cardio exercise is best solution that I found. Really all cardio exercise is good.
  • Question: Can sciatica cause calf pain?
  • Answer: Yes! Depending on where the injured nerve originates you may experience pain in different regions.

I’ll put up some instructional videos soon so please check back soon and email your questions.