Physical activity on prescription

Sweden got something called physical activity on prescription. Basically doctors prescribe physical training in purpose of preventing further injury. On news they speak more frequently about obesity and related diseases and complications due to reduced mobility and decreasing fitness. This is starting to be a huge problem to bigger part of population.

My personal version, biking on prescription

Got my new ice breaking studded tires on and two wheeler feels ready to tackle any winter challenges! That is how I fight winter darkness and keep active, and also save time and money on commuting to work by bicycle. Yes I save time, in Stockholm winter traffic it is often faster to travel by bike than by car or bus depending on the distance.

Cycling is definitely an good commuting option from my experience!

This table bellow show working commuters of age 16+ years who live and work in the same area where they live and therefore have the shortest route to travel.

I checked this statistics for myself because it is currently being reported that Swedish people are increasingly commuting by local traffic. They also say that this has a negative effect on health as a result of STRESS. Therefore, I chose to check if we really commute more than before. To be honest it doesn’t look as huge increase but that’s me.

okay so no big changes really. We may commute further distances, but I do not want to look at that data now. Short journeys within the smaller area could be made more environmentally friendly and healthier at the same time by choosing to cycle. That is what I’am doing but in my case only for health and time benefits and environment is a bonus.

Bicycle commuting for a healthier life

Cycling is relatively new to me. This is only a second season I’m cycling and commuting to work and home. I also commute all year round winter, rain, sun and all of it.

This year I put about 4000km behind me.

See more about where and how I bike at STRAVA.COM. Also feel free to open your own free Strava-account and get more inspiration for your own sporting activities.

In December the plan is to drive around 500km. Not bad considering that I have never cycled before. It’s super freezing during the early mornings of the winter but I still prefer it over alternative buss, train or a car. Sometimes it’s so terribly cold that I do not even want to leave the bed. Fortunately cycling increases blood circulation, which then heats me the rest of the day.

Honestly, I do not know what it is and can not explain it physiologically, but I freeze less these days I ride to work than the days I’m driving car. Even though I have heat in steering wheel and the heater on the 28 degrees, I can still freeze all day.

Less stress when commuting by bike

To wake up early and rush to leave the children at the preschool and catch late bus or train to work until 8am is, in my opinion, an impossible task. Nevertheless, a lot of us does it all day in and day out for years. However, that is a completely different discussion. What I’m trying to say is that cycling has actually helped me to be healthier, stronger, agile and energetic. I don’t need to sweat many hours in the gym every week if I cycle between 30-50km daily. Its great!

Worth pointing is that it takes me about 30-40min to commute by bike door to door. It takes me just over 1h by public transport (if it is on time), and anywhere between 25-70min by car depending on the traffic situation.

Good luck with your training!