Sciatica pain sucks! Whatever you used to do easy as for example bending over to put on shoes is a project with sciatica pain. Unless you treat with good painkillers of course. But even pain killers are only short term solution really.

Pain ignores the real world and so should you

“That type of training and exercise will never work as a treatment for sciatica pain and it won’t remove underlying problem.” 

I heard this all the time when I told people that I’m running and biking everywhere and not using pain killers. I’m training daily to help treat and get rid of my sciatica pain. In the same time I am strengthening my muscles to help keep me pain free for years to come.  

My point is that people, and even doctors, cannot tell you what to do or not to do. You own that body of yours and you should act like it! For example some people can’t fall asleep if they have a coffee after 6pm while others like I can have two coffees and fall asleep minutes later. We are different and bodies react differently to same stimuli and treatments.

Running and working out like I do may be doesn’t work for you but it’s important to find out what does work.

Sciatica pain lobbying

Loose the pessimism and despair of the “real world” and people always saying “listen to the doctor they know it all” and “just take a pill”. These people expect fresh concepts to fail, they are lobbying the big corporations that makes money on painkillers and all expensive treatments.

People like that only want to drag others down with them into their tomb. If you are hopeful and ambitious people will try to convince you that your ideas are impossible. Time wasting ideas, they say. You know what?!

It works for me and I am not paying anyone for treatment! I tried painkillers that I barely was able to afford and all kind of treatments, anti-depressive medication and all the others and it only helped for a while. Medications removed the symptoms, pain was numb but the cause was still there and I was depending on that medication. That sucked.

One more thing. The so called real world isn’t even a real place, it is a state of mind basically. Some people are religious and others are not so they see one and the same thing totally different. World is very different place for these groups.

People saying that you only should take medications and painkillers to treat sciatica pain are doing it as an excuse and justification for not trying. It is their own world and it might be real to them, but it doesn’t have to be real to others.

Follow me on, see my progress, get inspired and join in. Try it, it’s free, it’s fun, it’s healthy and it just might be precisely what you and your body needs.

You can read more about my mission to become pain free here.