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Workout, ballocks and happiness

Workout pain and gain

Even in workout and training the grass always seem greener on the other side. Everyone around me seems to be incredibly skilled at training. Skilled at writing, documenting and commanding on twitter, facebook, snapchat and other social media about how training should look. Nobody really does anything concrete but talk and talk, write, document and […]

Sciatica pain and real world


Sciatica pain sucks! Whatever you used to do easy as for example bending over to put on shoes is a project with sciatica pain. Unless you treat with good painkillers of course. But even pain killers are only short term solution really. Pain ignores the real world and so should you “That type of training […]

Sciatica running

Nemanja Ranic - running and sciatica

Running and sciatica, great idea! Does this sound impossible, untruth, or even dangerous? I’m glad you found this site then because I’m a real living example that will demonstrate why sciatica running could be great! First of all, we are all different. Because of unique body anatomy, and unique experiences, we will respond differently to […]

How to stop sciatica pain instantly?

How to stop sciatica pain instantly?

We will talk about pain relief exercises that helped me stop sciatica pain. Today I’m pain free living a normal life! Until I started doing this exercises for sciatica pain would never go away completely regardless medications. For years I lived with the pain, until couple months ago when I started doing this exercises. Now […]