Even in workout and training the grass always seem greener on the other side.

Everyone around me seems to be incredibly skilled at training. Skilled at writing, documenting and commanding on twitter, facebook, snapchat and other social media about how training should look. Nobody really does anything concrete but talk and talk, write, document and most of all complain. 

Workout and healthy body culture

Most people complain about anything really, and only few seem to really do something concrete about what they are complaining about. 

They want to exercise and achieve greatness in no time and without muscle fever and soreness, want to have a healthier body without ever getting sweaty or fatigue during a workout.

For me truth is that it is a tough job and workout often goes hand in hand with muscle fever and soreness. 

I have multiple disc fractures, back pain, osteoporosis, long-term sciatica pain day and night. Pain makes me tired on its own. It’s simply too much to think about and it sucks the energy out of me. Nevertheless, most of my surroundings are healthy individuals who exercise less than I do and complain much more about life, body, health and everything in between.

I’m perceived as outcast because I complain less and workout daily. My lack of interest in complaining is super high and I completely disregard complaining people who do not act to achieve their goals. Where are more people like Göran Kropp? Göran, who rode 10,000 kilometers to Nepal and climbed Mount Everest without oxygen and entirely on his own. Wiki page about Göran Kropp.

Heart my heart to complain 

It hurts my heart to see and hear how people lack perspective and see themselves as vulnerable and victims. I am absolutely convinced that my positive attitude to life comes from perspective. Simply the opportunity to see things from different angles makes it possible for me to enjoy life even though I have pain in the body, constant, constantly present pain.

Even now, with the current political situation, I’m incredibly grateful that today’s people live healthier and better than people have had before. It’s never been better to be human than today, it’s just so, facts. seem like greatest time to be alive, and even if it weren’t we can’t change the fact that we live in this time.

Therefore, I choose training and fighting for health before surrendering to pain and complaining. I’m fighting and always will! 

Optimistic & Pessimistic DNA

My view on optimism and pessimism is simple like this. You do not have to do a lot of expensive tests to find out if you are a pessimist or optimist. Answer honestly on a simple question only.

Do you think we live in a good or bad time and world?

As simple as that for me. Nobody is good at everything. Olympic winners on long-distance races or winners of the Tour de France are apparently good at their thing. It does not mean that they are better than I am at writing fast, drawing, jumping on one leg, or just at being positive and fight for well being.

Everything is about perspective. Instead of complaining about how many are biking and running better and longer, I focus on what I’m good at and drive! Compare with my own merits, try patience, long-term goals, and maintain a positive attitude every day.

That’s what it is all about for me. I do gym workouts, when I can not run I walk instead or ride bicycle. If I don’t even have energy for that, I can stretch at least, and easy stretching can be done even at office, at home and everywhere really.

Happiness comes from inside they say

Happiness for me comes from my own body and above all thoughts I have noticed. Nothing magical. I’m not a training freak and I do not really want to run and ride bicycle for miles daily but it keeps body and mind healthy.

Healthy body takes me where I want to go, so I workout and fight to keep a healthy body for long happy fulfilling life. Feel that cardio training has given me a whole lot of good benefits in terms of strength, prosperity, happiness, energy and positive mood.

I still have multiple disc fractures, osteoporosis, prolonged sciatica pain and pain in the body daily. At the same time, I do and experience more today and feel better and happier than before. It is thanks to the broad perspective and well-being of the body through training and workout. 

Body perspective

Body is important and essential for moving around. As a parent, my body and range of mobility is suddenly even more important than before. I want to be available to my loved ones. Being able to play together, dance, explore, be active, and enjoy life together is one of my main reasons for fitness workout and exercise every day.

The biggest reason at first was that I could die. Death also does not need to be a physical condition. We can say that if I can no longer do what I like most in life then I am not living. What is the meaning then? That’s why I started training, working out, fighting pain, and doing it everyday, and enjoying it!

I can not talk for everyone but my experience is that perspective, respect, cardio workout and everyday motility are what it takes to achieve and maintain a healthy body.

I love workout fatigue and muscle fever

This was the most important thing for me from the start, and still extremely important for my training. Learning to love to get tired and yet continue workout is extremely important. It’s important because it’s just happening, fatigue catches up every workout, and I’d like to look positive at it then and welcome muscle fatigue and pain. 

Muscle fever and regular exercise just go together as I see it. The result of positive attitude towards fatigue and pain for me gave me possibility to achieve stronger and healthier body and soul.

On the other side of pain

I’m talking about the last bit of the runner-up, which is extraordinary when feet weigh the lead, the last rehearsal on the gymnastics or the last mile on the bike. I’m training to come to this point, chasing the moment because it’s when I’m shining and really showing that I’ve got the fight in me. I meet the muscle fever, fatigue, and muscle pain embracing it because I know that on the other side of the pain results are waiting. 

Muscle fatigue always catches one and I’ve just chosen to embrace that part in my workout and also appreciate that I’m struggling for so long that I’m challenging my physical limits.